Northernmost Capital In Continental South America

Northernmost Capital In Continental South America

South America, a continent situated in the southern region of the western hemisphere, has an extensive landmass of 6.89 million square miles, and it accommodates a population of more than 410 million individuals, with the average population density per square mile being 56 persons. 

Nevertheless, population density significantly varies among nations, with Ecuador having the highest density while the Falkland Islands have the lowest.

The top three countries in South America with the highest population density are Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela. Ecuador is located on the western part of the continent and shares borders with Colombia, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean. It comprises both mainland territory and the Galapagos Islands, covering a total area of 109,480 square miles, with an excess of 16.1 million inhabitants, which translates to a population density of 152.7 persons per square mile. On the other hand, Colombia is in the northern part of the continent, bordered by Brazil, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, and Ecuador. 

The nation covers 440,831 square miles, and its population exceeds 49.2 million, with a population density of 105.5 persons per square mile, which is the second highest on the continent. Similarly, Venezuela, the northernmost country in continental South America, borders Colombia, Brazil, and Guyana, with an area of 353,841 square miles and a population of more than 31.7 million residents. 

The nation's population density is 87.4 persons per square mile, making it the third-highest in South America. Urbanization is the primary reason behind Venezuela's high population density, with the majority of its residents living in large towns and cities.

The three countries with the lowest population density in South America are the Falkland Islands, Suriname, and French Guiana. The Falkland Islands, an archipelago of over 750 islands located 300 miles off South America’s coast, has a population of 2,932 people, with the lowest population density in South America of 0.7 persons per square mile. 

Suriname, on the other hand, is a South American country that shares borders with French Guiana, Guyana, and Brazil. It covers an area of 64,000 square miles and accommodates a population of 566,000, translating to a population density of only 7.5 persons per square mile, making it the second-lowest in South America. 

Finally, French Guiana, an overseas territory of France located in the northeastern part of South America, covers an area of 32,252 square miles and has a population of 250,109 people, resulting in a population density of 7.8 persons per square mile, making it the third-lowest in South America. Around 50% of French Guiana's population resides in Cayenne, the country's capital city.

South American Countries By Population Density

RankCountry / TerritoryArea (km²)Density (persons/km²).
12French Guiana90,0003.1
14Falkland Islands12,1730.26