Top 5 Best Countries to Invest in Asia in 2023

Insights and Opportunities for Investors

The year 2023 is expected to be an interesting year for investors, and it is important to be selective about where you invest your money, especially if you're considering investing abroad. This article will focus on the top five countries to invest in Asia for 2023. 

With Asia being home to 4.5 billion people, it offers a wide array of different countries to choose from, with each country having its own level of development and investment potential.


Vietnam is one of the top countries to invest in Asia in 2023. As many capital firms have moved out of China and into neighboring countries, Vietnam has been one of the first to benefit. 

Vietnam shares a southern border with China, and companies such as Samsung and Nike have set up manufacturing operations in Vietnam. Vietnam has a large consumer population of approximately 100 million people, making it an attractive place to invest. 

Although foreigners cannot buy Freehold property in Vietnam, they can lease land for up to 70 years. While stocks in Vietnam are not easy to access, they offer good potential opportunities for investors.


Singapore is one of the wealthiest nations globally, with an expensive real estate market of approximately $20,000 per square meter. This high cost of real estate makes Singapore an expensive place to invest, with low yields. 

However, the Singapore stock market is an excellent place to invest in Asia, as investors can trade stocks in emerging Frontier markets throughout Asia. Investors need to open a brokerage account in Singapore to access these markets, which makes Singapore a great place to get started in Asia.


Malaysia is one of the easiest places in Asia for foreigners to buy land, as they can own Freehold property with very few restrictions. Malaysia is one of the few countries in Asia that permits foreign investors to buy practically any type of land, including landed property. 

Additionally, Malaysia offers a visa for foreign investors who invest in property. As property in Singapore is around ten times more expensive than in Malaysia, investing in Malaysian property is a great bargain.


Cambodia is one of the fastest-growing countries in Asia, consistently seeing its GDP grow by above the average rate. Cambodia is a great place to invest in 2023 as it has many opportunities for investors, especially in real estate. 

Although Cambodia is still developing, the country has a lot of potential, and foreign investors can invest in the real estate market relatively easily.


Investing in Asia offers many opportunities for investors, and it is crucial to be selective when investing your money. Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia are the top countries to invest in Asia for 2023, with each country having its own level of development and investment potential. 

These countries offer a range of investment opportunities, including manufacturing operations, stocks, and real estate. Investing in these countries can help diversify your portfolio and mitigate risk while offering potential returns on your investment.